Homer Hickam, Jr. Transcript

Brandon: Mr. Hickam (Homer)

Homer: Yes, Brandon. What can I do for you?

Brandon: I just wanted to know what you thought of the graduation ceremonies, and Space Camp and things like that...and...and...just basically what you thought.

Homer: Well, What I thought tonight...you know...they used to say about the Rocket Boys that we had a lot of passion for what we did, and that we had a lot of perseverance to accomplish all of the things we did.

But, after seeing the kids tonight, I don't think the Rocket Boys really knew the meaning of the word perseverance.

These kids tonight really know what it means.

It just pleases...It was a very touching ceremony and I really enjoyed being here. So, Dan thank-you very much for having me.

Dan: No problem. I'm glad you could come.

Homer: My pleasure.

Dan: What can I say.

Brandon: Thank-you very much Mr. Hickam.

Homer: You're quite welcome.