Registration Instructions for Individuals, and Group Leaders or Chaperones

Hello Chaperones!

Registration for SCIVIS is now open!  The first step in this new process is to register as a group during the SCIVIS week, Sept. 28 to Oct. 3, 2019. 

You have two ways to register:

Individual Registration

  1. You can register as an individual.  These are students who travel alone camp or with a parent, friend, who is not staying for the week as a chaperone.  If you want to register in this manner, complete the Individual Registration Form. If you have any questions please email Dan Oates.  Dan will be your group leader ( 

Or …

Group Leader Registration 

  1. You can register with a group leader.  This is usually someone from your school or a vision teacher acting as a chaperone bringing one or more students.  The student only needs to follow instructions from the chaperone.  See below for instructions.

NOTE:  Don’t freak out. This can be changed, numbers added or subtracted.  Space Camp just needs to know so they can reserve slots for you.

NOTE:  The price you see is the seasonal price for Space Camp before the group discount.  That is not the group price you will pay.  Our prices are $965 for all programs except Advanced Academy ($1135).  All payments to Dan Oates, 190 Armstrong St., Romney, WV  26757.  Checks and PayPal (with fees) are methods of payment.  No credit cards.

Group Registration Form