Registration Instructions for Group Leaders or Chaperones

SCIVIS Registration is open

NOTE: send all SCUBA forms to Dan Oates. DO NOT SEND to Space Camp!!

Most of the students that attend SCIVIS are chaperoned by an educator from their school or district. Sometimes there are numerous chaperones and one of them serves as the group leader. In most cases, it is best to have one group leader.

The online registration form is all that needs to be filled out. Space Camp will be in contact with you if additional information is required.

SCIVIS Registration is open and online.

Go to SCI-VIS: Chaperone Duties & Responsibilities and complete the registration Process

Parents Registering Students without a chaperone

Students attending SCIVIS, in most cases, have a chaperone. While this is normal, it is not necessary. Registration is the same, use the link above.