SCIVIS Registration IS OPEN

Hello Parents and Chaperones,

Below you will find the information for SCIVIS registration. You will have to either use the account from last year or create a new account. If you are using your account from last year you will need the account number. If you are creating a new account PLEASE be prepared to keep emails and write down information. The registration procedure will be completed entirely on line, with the exception of the SCUBA form for Advanced Academy trainees only.

  1. Your group coordinator, Dan Oates, will handle all billing for the SCIVIS program. You may have a local teacher who coordinates your local group. Early Arrival, Late Departure, Airport transportation, etc. will be handled through this account. Please send all payments to Dan Oates, 190 Armstrong St., Romney, WV 26757, unless your tuition is being paid to the USSRC Foundation, Inc. Payments do not need to be sent until August 1 and should be sent no later than August 20. Please note that clothing packages and flight suits will be the responsibility of the parent and will be paid for online during the registration process. The purchases are entirely optional! Credit cards are not accepted but payments through PayPal and wire transfer can be accepted.
  2. Links are provided below for EACH program. You must decide before you begin the registration process which program your child will be participating. Click on that specific link to register your child. If you are undecided about which program, please check with your individual group leader in your area, read below or contact Dan Oates at or 304-851-5680.
  3. See below for INSTRUCTIONS for filling out these forms

    Please note if you are a chaperone or a parent who is bringing/sending participants to multiple programs that each link is specific to program.

Instructions for Parents

- after you click on one of the specific program links above you will see Register Online - Participant - if you are registered last year please click on RETURNING USER. If this is your first time registering a student since 2014, please click on NEW USER.

  1. Screen1 - Click on New User or Returning User to begin the process
  2. Screen 2: Select Options
    1. Parents MUST select the "Group Participant Tuition" at the top of the list.
    2. The parent will need to select any additional purchases such as Flight Suit and Clothing Package. These will need to be paid for at the parent level and 50% is due at the time of registration. Selecting these options are the financial responsibility of the parent and not SCIVIS!
  3. Screen 3: Participant Information
    • Enter in all of the information for the participant in the program
    • Under country the United States is first in the drop down menu
  4. Screen 4: Cart
    • This is a summary of the options purchased and the cost. The only cost listed here should be if you chose to order the flight suit or clothing package.
    • Please ignore the Coupon Code
    • If there is more than one trainee from same family, the parent can register another participant by selecting
      <add new participant here> and repeat process for each participant
    • Must click "Checkout" to confirm your registration
  5. Screen 5: Online Account and Billing
    • Enter email addresses to be used and username and password for reentry into account information in Online Account Section. Please make sure this will be a working address throughout the registration process until camp is completed on Sept. 29. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS INFORMATION!!!!
    • Billing Information
      • This section captures any information for purchase of additional items
      • This section must be completed even if no purchases made
    • Payment Information - This will give you several options
        • If no additional purchases were made you will see option for No Payment Required
        • If additional purchases were made you will receive option for Pay in Full or Pay deposit
          • If you pay deposit only balance must be paid in full 60 days prior to start of camp
    • Waiver
      • Please read the waiver section below and accept the conditions of the waiver.
  6. Once the trainee is registered, Space Camp will send an email to you to complete the forms. Please complete the following forms:
    • Parent Safety Form
    • School Information Form
    • Transportation Form - Once plans are finalized. If you are traveling with a group please have that group leader notify Dan Oates of the group's plans. You may re-enter the system to complete the transportation arrangements if travel plans are not completed at the time of registration.
    • Health Form - not be completed until after July 20
    • Hometown News Release (optional)
    • Scouting Information Form (optional)
    • International Group Trainee Health & Diet Form - optional for international trainees in place of Health Form, listed above.
    • Additional Information for Visually Impaired (REQUIRED)
  7. There will be numerous times after your initial registration you will have to return to the forms to change/add additional information. Whether it be your student's/child's flight plan, a change in medications, or health there is a simple way to do that.
    Remember to keep all of the information available to do that. Chaperones registering a student will need the information below on those students.
  8. This website will get your started:
    • When you get to this website there will be a drop down menu
    • Select program for which you registered your trainee
    • There will be a list of forms both required and optional
    • Once you have completed/updated all of these forms please go back to the drop down menu at the top and click on the down arrow
    • At the bottom of the list you will see - SCIVIS Additional Forms. If you have not completed this form before please do so.